Useful Info


City Buses (blue) serving the city of Heraklion from early morning until late evening. Starting from the port city services operated in the archaeological site of Knossos.

City Bus
City Bus, three lines to the city center with free use and free parking spaces at Pankritio Stadium, the port and Erythraias Street.
Monday – Friday: 07:00 – 22:45 (every 15 minutes)
Saturday: 08:00 – 15:30 (every 30 minutes)
The red line starting from the port, which serves the citizens of the eastern areas of the city,
the blue line starting at Pankritio Stadium, which serves the citizens of the western areas of the city and
the green line starting at Erythraia Park, which serves the citizens of the southern areas of the city.


In the city of Heraklion there is a well-organized network that provides integrated passenger transport services 24 hours a day, with safety, comfort and reliability. You can easily find a taxi by stopping a driver on the street, going to the piazza or simply calling a radio taxi company.


The richness and the uniqueness of the nature of Heraklion deserve to compete with the great culture and the centuries-old history of the prefecture. Impressively diverse in landscapes and wildlife, the nature of Heraklion is home to an unparalleled number of plants and mammals and is rich just as the fruits it produces are rich. Lonely and famous beaches, arid lands, rugged mountains “golden” from the dust, sacred gorges washed into the sea, pristine rock islands, wetlands and rare ecosystems of forest and pine forest, compose the unexplored, mysterious nature of Heraklion, which offers for nature tours.


In addition to the Coastal Avenue, where there is a path for bicycles from Neoria and specifically from the entrance of the Marina to Alikarnassos and the park of Karavola, we can cycle throughout the city of Heraklion, as well as its surroundings. With short or long distances, it’s certain that they will show the visitor another side of the municipality of Heraklion.