Our first store opened in 1967 in the center of Heraklion as a small family business and was one of the first photocopying-stationery shops in Crete. In 1987 we moved to new, larger premises to meet the ever-increasing needs of our customers. The impressive course of the business leads us in 2008 to open a second store, remaining firmly in the center of Heraklion. Immediately after we create our online store which makes us more competitive by expanding the boundaries of our clientele and gaining a large share of the Greek market.

We cooperate with the best-known Greek and foreign factories to offer you over 65,000 types of stationery, stationery, office supplies, painting, design, handicrafts, home and garden items. We attend annual exhibitions and training seminars abroad, looking for the best product, at the best price, the newest and most innovative, and to bring it to the shelf for you.

Every year our team grows, always maintaining the spirit of cooperation and offering equal opportunities to everyone. Continuous training is what makes us stand out and what helps us always function as a team. Our specially trained staff is willing to serve you, to listen to your needs with great willingness and an even bigger smile.

We always operate based on the environmental responsibility of our company and maintaining the ecological consciousness of our staff and customers. Therefore, we are committed to recycling all our waste and reducing the use of plastic, to keep our place clean.

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